Guillaume Jambel

Guillaume Jambel started playing the drums at age 14 and moved to London from his native France 4 years later to pursue his musical dreams. He enrolled at the London College Of Music and 4 years and a degree later, started to work as a session drummer in London by playing on countless TV and radio adverts, film music and various bands.


Over the years he has played for the likes of Kasabian, Zarif, Oddyssey, Charlelie Couture, the Boo Radleys, as well as his own band Transcargo, supporting the likes of Beyonce, Chris Brown, Lionel Richie and many more.


Guillaume joined Family Funk in 2002 and to this day still is the band’s official drummer. He also teaches a number of private students. And when not laying the grooves for the band, he can be found djing in some of the world’s best clubs entertaining people to his unique blend of Deep House music under the name GIOM.

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